Case Studies

The RAF Museum Milestones in Flight Gallery

This huge Gallery & Exhibition Hall was opened in October 2003, exactly 100 years after the first powered flight by the Wright brothers. The hall displays historic aircraft and a timeline of the development of flight & its associated technology over the past 100 years. The building is cavernous and as it is used as a conference & reception centre, its acoustic properties initially caused considerable problems for the hosts & guests alike.

The Finance Director of the museum, Stuart Garman, had been associated with Mr Chris Fone of Alive Church Systems Ltd and knew of the similar problems that company had overcome when installing sound systems for congregations in equally large and problematic acoustic buildings. Chris was invited to the museum to undertake a survey and propose a solution that would provide a sound system that overcame the acoustic problems and provide an acceptable environment for the listeners within the space.

Chris’ experience in similar large venues with many hard surfaces, together with his association with the manufacturer of the Amina 'NXT' Sound Panels was to be the ideal solution to a unique and challenging situation. The installation was quick and worked immediately.

The result was totally transparent as the RAF Museum directorate and its guests we completely unaware of the sound system as it worked seamlessly.

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