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Crisp and clear - we have the audio systems for you!

Our heart at Alive Church Systems Ltd is to get the word of God and the worship into the church with the greatest clarity.
Conventional speaker systems can actually work against the natural acoustics in many highly reverberant church environments because the directional nature of a speaker fires sound at 70 degrees into the open area of the church. Firstly, because of the directional nature this can often create dead or quiet spots within the church which many will witness to. Secondly, being fired sound it bounces off of many hard surfaces causing the sound to reach the ear at different times regulating in distortion. Sound panels however are a non-directional sound reproduction system creating a 170 degree spread of sound whilst also allowing the sound to travel along the walls. This ambient sound reproduction means that the system creates an even sound level throughout the building regardless of whether you are standing in a corner or in the middle of the building within a 6 decibel range. Being non-directional also means it is a far more comfortable way of listening as you are immersed in the sound.


Another very important characteristic of the panels is that they run at high frequency. This brings great clarity in the up ranges of sound but also naturally activates digital hearing aids. Many new hearing aids are digital only so this is of great benefit to any congregation. Our systems generally include the use of a digital wireless mixer with tablet control. This allows great freedom of use and great flexibility.

The picture above shows a sound panel in operation in the crypt at Worcester Cathedral. The brief was to over come the issue of getting clear sound reproduction into a difficult acoustic environment. As a company we specialise in the use of sound panel technology because of it’s non-directional qualities and their ability to tame lively acoustics. The panels also have a significant advantage of conventional speakers in that they run at high frequency. These higher frequencies are generally what we lose as we get older so the panels help reinforce the upper range bringing clarity to those even with some degree of hearing lose. The high frequencies also naturally activate digital hearing aids so do not need to rely on the older style loop systems. Many hearing aid wearers we find prefer the more natural listening experience offered by sound panels.

Being inconspicuous in many church environments is very important, we try to make sure that much of the tech and cable runs are not on show. As you can see from the panels located both on the wall to the rear of the church of St John’s at Devizes and the matched panel next to the plaque in the for ground, the panels show this to great effect. The panels do come in standard sizes but where necessary we can have them manufactured to a bespoke size to blend with other church features.

Mix with the best!

The Ui Series mixers feature cross-platform compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux devices, and can use up to 10 control devices simultaneously. In addition, the Ui12 and Ui16 each feature built-in HARMAN signal processing from dbx, DigiTech and Lexicon, including dbx AFS2, DigiTech Amp Modeling, and more.


All models feature fully recallable and remote-controlled mic gain and phantom power, along with 4-band parametric EQ, high-pass filter, compressor, de-esser and noise gate on input channels.

Key features and Specifications

  • Tablet/PC/Smartphone Controlled   Digital Mixer

  • Integrated Wi-Fi

  • Cross-platform compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux devices

  • Legendary Harman Signal Processing from dbx®, Digitech®, and Lexicon®

  • Fully recallable and remote-controlled mic preamps

  • 4-band Parametric EQ, High-Pass Filter, Compressor, De-esser and Noise Gate on input channels

  • 31-band Graphic EQ, Noise Gate and Compressor on all outputs

  • Real-Time Frequency Analyser (RTA) on inputs and outputs

  • 3 dedicated Lexicon® FX effects processors: Reverb, Delay and Chorus

  • Subgroups, Mute Groups, View Groups, and more mixer controls

  • Show/Snapshot recall with channel safes and security lockout

  • 2-channel USB audio playback and recording

  • Password-protected Access limitation system

  • Sync ID (multiple browser windows staying in channel Sync)

Sound Board.jpg

All public buildings, including churches, are expected to provide sound reinforcement facilities for the hearing impaired. Alive Church Systems supplies and installs Induction Loop Systems, and is also pleased to advise that the high quality sound produced by the 'NXT' Sound Panels is compatible with modern digital hearing aids, and in many instances the hearing-aid wearer prefers to listen to an amplified service without having to set their hearing-aid to the T position.

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