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All your visual requirements met with state of art equipment

Visual requirements within churches are many and various. We are delighted to be involve in the simplest single screen and projection systems all the way up to multiple screens, multiple projection, monitors, video walls, cameras and recording. We will always match up the best technology with the needs of the church and budget requirements, always keeping the overall look in sympathy with the style of the building.

Concealing tech is often an important consideration when putting a visual system together especially in listed buildings. Whether that’s utilising remote dual drop screens behind chancel arches or powered pop up screens or in some instances building compatible timber shrouds to disguise screen locations. These can be used to hide screens when not in use, we will design, spec, manufacture and install bespoke joinery or engineered hardware as and where required.

Our aim at Alive when it comes to the installation of our systems is to make this time as smooth a transition as possible for the churches involved. In addition the systems must be appropriate for the use it is required for and visually compatible with the building. We often work closely with architects and church staff to create a system that is as unobtrusive as possible and is esftecticaly pleasing for the church wherever possible.

Long throw or ‘ultra-short throw’ projectors are available, and sometimes back projection is preferable according to the degree of light in the building. ‘Ultra-short throw’ projectors are situated very close to a screen, either ceiling mounted or, for greater flexibility of use in different locations, they can stand immediately in front of the screen.  In a church environment they are ideal since there is no danger of people passing between the projector and the screen and interrupting the images.

Visual monitors allow for words or images to be presented at desired locations and can be effectively used in conjunction with the sound system.

Many types of projection screen are available, whether wall or ceiling mounted or portable, as is appropriate for the individual church and all are designed to be unobtrusive when not in use.

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