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Convert your visual recordings into a 24/7 security feed

As part of many of our visual installations we are asked to include the facility of a camera. Most of the time this is for a number of reason such as live streaming, recording special events such as weddings and Christenings and having live images of the service and speakers played on a screen for those who may not have such a good view. This could be side chapels, awkward columns or crèches. As the cameras are generally full HDMI 1080p quality security units and designed to run continually plus recording is generally a requirement, we will normally link them to a security spec DVR recorder. The advantage of this is that when the camera is not being used for media it can be left running and recording the church 24/7 and is a significant back up to the buildings security often reducing insurance premiums. Obviously if a multi camera system is required such is the case for larger churches then this makes the system even more beneficial for security.

Conferencing made easy

Though our speciality is in the church environment, we have been asked on a number of occasion to employ our expertise in community and local government meeting areas. We are happy to incorporate our experience of the benefits of sound panel technology with fully integrated conferencing systems. Either state of the art conferencing or digitally controlled mics and tablet controlled mixer systems. We will do a full site survey of the venue and discuss your specific requirements then produce a specification to meet those needs, keeping in close communication from concept to completion and ultimate handover.

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