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We supply and install the latest sound system products, including digital wireless mixers, amplifiers, induction loop systems and the latest digital wireless microphones. The innovative tablet controlled wireless mixers give the user hand held operation of the system from anywhere in the building.

'NXT' Flat Sound Panels provide unbeaten clarity of sound, whilst being more discrete and unobtrusive than conventional loudspeakers. Equally, the ‘NXT’ technology specialist Line Array Sound Panels are ideal in highly reverberant spaces. Uniquely, non-directional flat sound panels give non-directional sound enhancement and thereby allow the building to be used in any configuration. This flexibility of the use of space is a much appreciated advantage for various situations and environments.

Visual monitors allow for words or images to be presented at desired locations and can be effectively used in conjunction with the sound system. Many types of projection screen are available, whether wall or ceiling mounted or portable, as is appropriate for the individual church and all are designed to be unobtrusive when not in use.

Long throw or ‘ultra-short throw’ projectors are available, and sometimes back projection is preferable according to the degree of light in the building. ‘Ultra-short throw’ projectors are situated very close to a screen, either ceiling mounted or, for greater flexibility of use in different locations, they can stand immediately in front of the screen.  In a church environment they are ideal since there is no danger of people passing between the projector and the screen and interrupting the images.

We supply and install the latest sound system products, including digital wireless mixers, amplifiers and digital wireless (or wired) microphones.

We will tailor what technology is appropriate to your need be that HDMI monitors, projection, single or dual drop screens, pop ups or cameras.

Transform your camera recording into a 24/7 security feed keeping your Church safe and possibly even helping to decrease your insurance costs.

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