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I was delighted once again to recommend Alive Church Systems Ltd to another Church I am now attending when their sound system needed upgrading.

I first met with Chris from ACSL 15 years ago when his company installed a sound system using sound panels in a Church in Whitchurch Tavistock Devon.

I now attend St Eustachius Church also in Tavistock and when their sound system needed upgrading I had no hesitation in recommending ACSL. The Church wanted a system that could not just be used on a Sunday but also for concerts, plays, worship groups and other major events when sound reinforcement was needed.

The recommendation from Chris Shaw was to install 6 sound panels and 4 bass panels. The system is run by a Soundcraft Ui24 system which allows us to have a 24 channel system... more than enough to give sound reinforcement to choirs and live music. The church is a very large building having 4 isles. The sound panels give an even sound in all areas of the Church.

The system was installed on time and within budget.

St Eustachius Church Tavistock Devon

"I first came acros an installation of Alive Church Systems Ltd in St Saviour’s Church Dartmouth Devon in 2015. The quality of sound, the neatness of the installation, the simplicity of the operational tablet and the ‘small yet perfectly formed’ sound panels were truly amazing. With becoming Rector of Stoke Damerel Parish Church in Devonport, Plymouth, I saw there was a need for a sound system in a cavernous space with a lively acoustic. Then came ‘COVID’ and the need to have social distancing and with the requirement to use the entire church space the need was more urgent. In addition to live sound we also saw the possibility to live stream all our services.

We sourced three quotations and Alive Church Systems Ltd were head and shoulders above the rest as; one quote was very basic and the second did not reflect the nuances if a church building but were more suited to a concert hall. ACSL won the contract and the installation was speedily achieved with little fuss and inconvenience. As with the installation in Dartmouth (and with St Eustachius' Church Tavistock) the installation is neat, the wiring has been cleverly well hidden, the sound panels small and discrete, the sound enhancement is clear, efficacious and non-directional but surround sound. The cameras are well placed and give an excellent picture and with the correct interface between system and the internet live streaming is effortless.

What raises ACSL above rest, apart from the technical brilliance, is that Chris Shaw, is a prayerful Christian and from his involvement in the liturgy and worshipping team at his local church he has gained particular insight as to what is required by churches. He has the knack of understanding organists, choirs, lectors, preachers with ministers and priests, as well as the modern requirements of brides and grooms for their weddings and for mourners at funerals. Each will have their own take of what theyrequire and these needs are synthesised into a system that delivers for all.

I wholeheartedly recommend the inclusion of ACSL in any bidding and quotation process and I would totally recommend the new technology of sound panels. I am also happy to open the doors of Stoke Damerel Parish Church to give proof of the pudding and for you to come and hear the mighty works of the Lord (with clarity and no fuss)".

The Revd Keith Robus MA RN

Rector of Stoke Damerel Parish Church Devonport, Plymouth.

We are very happy with the superb sound system installed for us. The Sound Panels have been particularly effective and the congregation is simply aware of sufficient volume without feeling that the sound comes out of intrusive loudspeakers.

St Andrew’s Parish Church, Ipplepen, Devon

"We are delighted with the system you have designed and installed for us. From the commencement of discussions through to advice on obtaining DAC approval and to final installation and commissioning we have received first rate service from you and your colleagues."

St Michael’s Parish Church, Compton Martin, Somerset

"They were most professional in preparing a suitable proposal and assisting us with the choice of the best system to meet our needs. The equipment was installed in a completely satisfactory way with minimum disruption and damage to the fabric of the church"

Church of the Holy Rood, Buckland Newton, Dorset

"The installation of the system was done with a minimum of disruption to the church by very courteous engineers.  The control panel is portable and extremely easy to use. It is an excellent system and gives clarity of sound."

St Ida’s Church, Ide near Exeter

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"Thank you for your ministry delivering the fantastic AV facilities at Easton Methodist Church. We join the hosts in heaven saying Good Work!".

Easton Methodist Church, Portland, Dorset

"We have had the pleasure of benefiting from a highly sophisticated yet easy to use sound system installed by Alive Church Systems Limited. The installation was carried out with sympathy for the age, nature and craftsmanship of the church fabric and with utmost respect for church users"

All Saints Parish Church, Corston near Bath, Somerset

"Our system was installed at short notice which meant long hours for the installation team which they undertook very willingly. The quality of the system has been excellent."

Kingston St Mary Parish Church, near Taunton, Somerset

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I recommend Alive Church Systems Limited.  They give comprehensive advice on what is needed for the best results and their unobtrusive equipment is installed professionally without fuss.  The system is easy to operate.  The firm is quick to respond to requests for further advice or improvements.

All Saints with St Mary Parish Church, Chitterne, Wiltshire

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